David's audio program, The Key to Winning the Head Game will teach you how to battle the negative thoughts you have that are keeping you from growing and achieving all you want in life.
Our Affirmation Card set is a great personal development tool to have on your own desk and a great gift to give to your friends and co-workers.
The Next Level Achievement System can teach you how to become a better leader, live a more balanced life and drive your business to the next level.
The Mind Movies 4.0 Creation Kit is a ‘next generation’ transformational visualization tool that allows you to create a short, 3-minute ‘video vision board’ of your perfect life.

The 1 Minute Challenge


Do you believe what you focus on grows?  If you believe that, I have a question for you….How much intentional time (I’m not talking about a thought pops into your head) but how much true intentional time IN THE LAST WEEK – the past 7 days - have you invested in thinking about and centering yo



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