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    "I have worked with David for the past 8 years. This work has allowed me to be a visionary and have structure in my life. I know exactly where I’m going but also how to get there day by day."

    - Todd, Leadership Developer
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    "The most valuable thing I learned from David and his system is the concept of starting at the end goal. Before, I had hopes and dreams - now I know exactly how to make them come true!

    - Alisa, Realtor
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    "David has been a game changer in my business, but what’s really amazing is he is a life changer. Not only did he help my business, he helped my life. He has added so much value across the board."

    - Elaine, Business Owner
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David’s best-selling books have positively affected thousands: showing how to become a better leader, increase bottom-line profits, live more balanced lives & drive business to next level.
The “Next Level Achievement System” is a simple system of personal management designed to promote a proactive perspective of life and work.

Effective Leadership is a Choice


Wouldn’t you know it, it all comes down to choice. Many leaders will choose to deny their need to change anything. Some will hold onto conditioning from past models, and some will worry that they will be taken advantage of if they trust people. In addition, much has been written recently abo

“Using The Achievement Planner has allowed me to manage myself and my goals and be an achiever using the 24 hours we have each day. Stress levels have lowered and I definitely no longer have a sense of feeling overwhelmed in my personal life or my business life.  To be able to live your life without feeling stressed, yet everyday go to bed at night knowing you achieved something and gotten done what you were supposed to get done.  That is very rewarding.” – Sonia, Pilates Instructor