Effective Leadership and Your Organization

Let me ask you a few questions:

Can effective leaders really make that much of a difference?

Why do I need to be concerned about effective leaders?

My company is doing okay. Why can’t we just hire or promote leaders and let them learn on the job? That is the way I did it.

These are not fabricated questions. They are actual questions that I have been asked over the years. I usually reply with this metaphoric question:

Fresh paint sometimes looks good on a metal surface without a primer coat, so why waste your time with a primer coat?

The subtle message of this question offers a hint of the common-sense answer to the above questions about effective leadership. A primer coat of paint takes time, investment, and work, but it protects the finish coat from rust over the long term. The organizational focus on effective leadership at every level of the organization is the key to the excellence and sustainability of the organization.

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