Prospect Tracking Annual Pack


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The PROSPECT TRACKING inserts for THE ACHIEVEMENT PLANNER are designed to help you maintain a consistent prospect data tracking system that fits perfectly into your planner. This can be a real NEXT Level process for your NEXT Level growth step.

These Prospect Tracking Inserts are constructed of a heavier cardstock material and are durable enough to move with you all day. Research has consistently proven that “writing clarifies thought”, and the Prospect Tracking Inserts stimulate those proactive thinking processes that support effective follow-up and follow-through. The more durable construction can provide a historical reference to track the effectiveness of your prospect follow-up. Remember, “it’s not how much you do, but the effectiveness of what you do that truly counts!”

16 double-sided cardstock pages with enough room to track more than 730 prospects over a year.

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Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 in


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