The Achievement Planner™ Tablet Pocket

Tablet NOT included. Exclusive Tablet Cover for David Byrd’s The Achievement Planner


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The Achievement Planner™ Deluxe Zipper Binder with Tablet Pocket


Designed for our customers by our customers. The binder interior is the same as our traditional deluxe zippered binder with the same pockets for business cards and pen/pencil holders etc.

What makes this binder unique is the exterior Tablet pocket that provides convenient storage and access to your tablet by simply opening the magnetic flap on the spine and pulling the delivery ribbon so that your tablet easily slides out .

The pocket is designed to hold tablets without a case or with a thin non-grip type protective cover. A tablet with a thick bulky protective case will not fit in the tailored tablet pocket.

Please be sure to pull the ribbon all the way out prior to inserting your tablet as the ribbon is designed to enable you to easily remove the tablet. The tablet will initially fit snuggly inside the pocket, but ultimately the pocket will relax.

Originally designed to fit the Apple iPad 2/3/4 but will also accommodate the Apple iPad Air model or other tablets of similar size.

Interior dimensions of the Tablet pocket design are:

Height 9.75” inches

Width: 7.5” inches

Depth: 0.51” inches

Please note these measurements are not representative of the screen size but actual physical dimensions. Tablet manufacturers advertise screen size which is a diagonal measure.

  • Sewn zipper organizer binder
  • Designed to hold 8.5″ x 5.5″ sheets with three-ring, 1.25″ concealed rivet rings
  • Two horizontal pockets inside with two scalloped business card pockets and two pen/pencil loops on each side of the binder cover.
  • Soft felt-like lining material within the tablet pocket.

Additional information

Weight 1.65 lbs
Dimensions 10.7 × 8.45 × 2.35 in


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